Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Small Packages

This Christmas, under the glimmer of my tree lights, I find a new sight to see - a new gift to me.

My infant son.

Thomas Jonah, my sweet T.J, came early to us on November 10th of this year.

And there is something about this baby boy - this tiny little bundle at Christmastime - that has completely eroded my way of thinking about this time of year.

I've pondered a lot on Mary.  On carrying wintertime infants.  On babies.

I've thought on the reason we celebrate this Christmas season - our Jesus.

He came as a baby.

As I've fed my baby, changed my baby, and tended for his basic (and his every little) need, my mind has pondered the oddity of Christmas.

See, T.J. is completely - utterly and hopelessly - dependent on me in this moment of his life.

My God could have come to this earth as a full-grown, fully established man.

He came as a baby.

It's almost an implausible thought.  The God of the Universe - Holy of Holies - came down to this earth to save mankind in the form of a baby.

All God, all man. World changer, history maker.  He came into this world just as we all do - robed in the flesh of an infant.

Perhaps my mind is addled by postpartum cobwebs, but I can barely comprehend the thought of  helpless deity.  And yet, I'm so thankful for that baby.  For that Mary, who tended her Father and her Child.  For the fact that God knows and understands us, because He too was human, and He walked among mankind.

Emmanuel.  God with us.

In a culture so enamored with bigger and better, let us remember the Greatest Gift this season - and be overwhelmed with thankfulness -  for small packages.

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