Thursday, July 31, 2014

Right Now (A reminder for those of us going back into the classroom)

An end-of-the-year note from a student.
This is a hard time of year for teachers. Transitioning back into a new school year and a new routine can be so very difficult. I've shared my burden on being on being a teacher mama before. But now, for a moment, I'd like for all of us teachers to think about our new students out there.

Our students are just names and roster identification numbers to us at the moment.  But each student we teach this upcoming school year will become a little part of hearts and our teaching experience. 

Let's think for a minute about the myriad of students coming to our schools.

Right now there's a student out there who will simply make your day better.  He/she will clean your room, run your errands, and do whatever you ask...just because this student likes you wants you to like him/her in return.

Right now there's a student out there who is excited about coming back to school, because coming back to school means a full belly.  

Right now there's a student sitting at home -wanting to stay lazy and apathetic.  Your inspiration can stir him/her out of apathy.

Right now, there's a student out there who will come into your classroom dirty.  This child may not fit in.   Show love.

Right now there's a student out there who cannot read.  You have the power to give this child an extraordinary gift.

Right now there's a student (or two...or three) who will be the proverbial thorn in your side.  While we cannot control what our students do, we can control how we respond.  Shock this student with your patience and kindness.

Right now there's a student out there who will lose a loved one this year. Be a shoulder this child can cry on - a person they can seek in distress.

Right now there's a student out there who - for some reason - will not get it.  This student will be easy to brush to the side.  Never, ever give up.

Right now there's a student out there who hates your subject with a passion.  By the end of the year, his/her whole perspective will change because of you.  Open eyes.

Right now there's a student with a "helicopter parent" who will drive you up the wall.  Choose to accommodate, and choose to remember that customer service is a part of your job.  You will find yourself appreciated.

Right now there's a student who is in the middle of life change.  Divorce, a new parent, a new brother or sister  - so many changes happen in the lives of students.  Be a constant in the chaos.

Right now there are students out there who dread school because school means mental or physical torture from bullies.  Seek these students out.  Be their advocate.

Right now there's a student whose only daily peace comes from a one-hour bus ride.   Be a light in a dark life.

Right now there is a student out there who wants to be a teacher because you will be his or her teacher. 

So, in the right now - before everything starts up - before the summertime blues hit - think about our students, our kids.  The children who are on their way into our classrooms.

Right now, think about how your compassion can pour life change into empty vessels.

We are purveyors of knowledge, sure - but we are also entrusted to take care of someone else's child for a short season.  Let us not squander this opportunity.


maryanne said...

Loved this post! A friend of Christina Fisher, and she sent this to me, knowing that our children are in public school. Thank you for being one of those teachers who looks at your job as ministry. We have had a few like you, and they are precious. We parents so appreciate teachers like you!

Suebeegee said...

Dana, your students are so blessed to have you as a teacher. Prayers for you and all of the students, faculty, and staff of EHMS.