Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I'm (most decidedly) NOT lovin' it.

I'm sure you remember Princess Peach in all of her decapitated glory.

Amelia still loves Mario Kart - and loves to "play race cars" with her Daddy. 

As it turns out, McDonalds has Mario Kart Happy Meal toys.  Featuring Princess Peach.  And this Princess Peach looks much more sturdy than her weak-necked counterpart that we purchased haphazardly at a Barnes and Noble.  (Say what you want, I have a whole old toy box of McDonald's toys that my mom gave to me, and they're still in great condition.)

Cheap McDonald's Mario Kart Princess?  Sounds good, right?

Oh, heavens.

I found out about these toys one day after eating a Thai lunch, when I stopped to pick up lunch for Jeremy. 

"Do you have the Princess Mario Kart toy?" I asked the lady taking my order.

"Yes, we do," she replied.


I ordered my Happy Meal and was excited about a new princess for Amelia.  When I got the little red box of happiness, I quickly opened it to make sure I had the right toy.  I spilled all seven fries in the fry box beside the seat of my Honda Accord (which I'm sure made it sigh and think, "not again, lady").  I pulled out the toy - Luigi on a race car.

Luigi?  Yeah, he's not the princess.

"Can I get a Princess toy, please?"  I asked.

Apparently, I didn't realize the ambiguity surrounding my question.  The lady smiled, nodded, and went to the little box of toys.  She came back  - with a Beanie Baby.

A Beanie Baby?  Yeah, not the princess.

At this point, I just decided to pull on through and park.  Unfortunately, I angered an elderly gentlemen trying to leave, because apparently the drive-through parking spots at this particular McDonalds BLOCK PEOPLE TRYING TO LEAVE.  I moved my car to a more cooperative spot and gave the man my apologies.

I went into the store and cursed myself for being this involved in the whereabouts of a Happy Meal toy.  I found a manager and politely asked him to exchange my Beanie Baby elephant for a Princess Mario Kart toy.

"Oh, I'm sorry - we don't have the Princess," he replied.

You can imagine my anger at this point. 

Despite this, it wasn't the manager's fault.  I smiled, said thank you, and walked out before I opened my mouth again.

Today, when one of my friends mentioned that she was at McDonald's, I asked her if they had the Princess Mario Kart toy.  She sent her son to ask - and lo and behold, they did.

I called my Mom.  Since she was getting off work and this McDonald's was on her way home, I asked her to swing by and get the Princess (and maybe a sweet tea).

After assuring me that this princess would be her gift to Amelia and not mine, she headed to McDonalds.

I got a call back about ten minutes later.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so mad."  Mom said.

"What happened?" I asked.

(And I paraphrase --)

"Well, I went to the drive-through window, and I said, before I said anything else, 'Do you have the Princess Mario Kart Happy Meal toy?' and they told me 'yes.'  I bet I asked them three times to make sure.  I get to the window, and I have a Beanie Baby!  I told them, 'I don't want this Beanie Baby - I want the Princess Mario Kart toy!'  So then, they said, 'We don't have it.'"

"They did the same thing to me!" I said.

Mom, however, is a little more feisty than I am.

"I told them, 'You SAID you had it.  I asked the person who took my order and they said that they had the princess.  I PAID for this meal I'm not going to eat!'  So then, the guy brings me the bag of Mario Kart toys - and it's some dumb monkey and a dragon, so I got the dragon."

"Oh, the dragon - that's Yoshi.  Amelia likes him, too."

"Yeah, isn't the princess.  Why do you tell people you have something when you don't have it?  And I paid for that thing!"

And there, folks, lies the whole crux of this rambling, pregnancy-hormone-induced blog entry.

Why tell someone you have a product when you clearly don't have it?

This ranks among one of my worst McDonald's experiences (number one being the time the girl lost her hoop earring in the vat of ketchup packets and spent five minutes searching for her earring before she took my order --- but I digress).  Being lied to is not a favorite past time of mine.  Plus, I still don't have a princess.  This isn't Elsa, for Pete's sake.

Just help me out a little, Golden Arches.  A little customer service truly goes a long way. 

Oh, and by the way?  Yoshi's cute.  But he's NOT the princess.

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