Saturday, October 26, 2013

Orange Fever

I just bought this:

This is what Starbucks uses in its Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  I have yet to make anything or find anything that even comes close to this pumpkin sauce.  The other concoctions are good, but there is something really distinct about this syrup (that doesn't have a single bit of pumpkin in it...shocker). 

64 ounces of this goodness means I'll have my own PSLs for cheap, and I'll have plenty left for my Cookie Swap! How amazing is that?!

I took Amelia to two of these:

 I went to a pumpkin painting party and made these stunners (try not to be envious of my Sharpie skills):

I have five pumpkins at my house.  Six if you count the one Amelia made at school.  Seven if you count the one that started randomly growing the graveyard beside my house.

Think I'm obsessed?

Amelia's 4th Birthday

Amelia had quite a birthday this year, and I'm just now posting about it.

Haven't I already told you that August is a vampire?

Apparently, so is September.  Yowza.

I have a confession. I'm not crazy about birthday parties.  I realize they are a natural part of life, like wrinkles - inevitable.  I don't plan on having Amelia a big birthday party every year, but every now and then I do feel like one is necessary.

Pinterest somehow talked me into looking into a movie party for an option.  I have a great friends in the media business, and I asked them what it would take it pull it off, and how I could do it - and they did something amazing.  They VOLUNTEERED to come to my house, set up their awesome equipment, and take it down.  For free.  Seriously. (Don't be hating on my amazing friends!  I know they're awesome!)

I knew I couldn't resist such an offer.  

So, friends, we had a movie birthday party.

I borrowed a popcorn maker.  Throughout the summer, I picked up "movie snacks" each time I went to the grocery store.  I scoured Amazon for some deals on popcorn holders.  I borrowed red and white checkered tablecloths from my in-laws.  And, of course, I bought a few cupcakes.

We had the party right at the dusk of summer - on Amelia's birthday - before our break was over.  One last hoorah before early mornings and early bedtimes.

It was fantastic, and hopefully a party Amelia will never forget.  She loved every minute of it.  She danced in front of the screen, sang all the songs, and partied hard with all of her little friends.

It was truly a perfect night.