Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tale as Old as Time...

By now, you probably know my child's deep and yearning love for "Beauty and the Beast," especially Belle.

We used to watch "Belle" about once a week.  That number has grown exponentially. Sometimes, Amelia will point to the tv and say, "Belle?" in the middle of a Lakers game. Sometimes, Amelia will ask to watch "Belle" on our smartphones.  Sometimes, she'll ask where Belle is.  Sometimes, I think I hear her call for Belle in the middle of the night.  She tucks a big, soft Belle doll under her arm at bedtime, and Belle is almost right up there with Silky in terms of utmost importance.

This is a serious infatuation, you see.

Amelia is starting to learn the ins and outs of the movie quite well.  When a good part is about to come on, she'll yell, "here it comes!"  She still tries to talk to the characters on the screen.  She still whines in apprehension when the Beast makes his first appearance.

The other night, she started a new new habit, which is to begin dancing when Belle and the Beast dance to Mrs. Potts singing "Beauty and the Beast."  I say "dancing," but she's really spinning in a circle, slowly, with her arms extended.  However, to a two year-old, the waltz probably looks very similar to this action.

The first time she did this, Jeremy and I could do little but giggle.  Amelia looked so cute spinning around like a top about to fall over.  She must have also looked irresistible, because during her first little dance, Jeremy picked her up and began to dance with her.

In that moment, I watched the two loves of my life take a little spin around our small, blue-carpeted "ballroom."  I couldn't help but feel a familiar twinge of happiness and love.

Jeremy's beard, workout clothes and old shoes made him look rather beastly at that moment.  Amelia smiled at her Daddy and laughed at him as he swung her around, held out her little arm, and gave her a big hug at the end of the song.  I couldn't get over how fitting the song was for the two of them.  It undeniably was "Beauty and the Beast." 

I fully acknowledge the fact that I can rag my husband, that he can drive me crazy, and that sometimes we get irritated with one another.  I don't get on facebook and extoll his praises...mostly because he wouldn't like me to do that.  He would find it trite and silly.  But moments like these remind me of the person he is...and the person he is becoming.  Despite that rough exterior my husband often portrays, he really does have the heart of a prince...of a Daddy.

And I'm thankful for that.

Monday, January 2, 2012


Christmas was a little chaotic this year, due to the fact that we had to juggle family obligations with church, but I think we pulled it off beautifully.  Despite the chaos of the actual day, Amelia was very excited about "Tanta," Christmas presents, and all of the lights.  She did great all day and we had a fantastic service at church.

I think Amelia loved the Christmas tree more than anything.  When I took it down (pretty much the day after Christmas), she said, "Where Kiss-mas Tree go?"  She is still asking me.  It makes me happy to know she enjoyed the tree so much...and it totally made up for all of the drama that went into the Farr Family Christmas Tree (seven strings of lights blown, screaming, wailing, trips to the Christmas Tree therapist..ahem).

She got all kinds of presents.  Most of them centered on her new obsession, Belle.  She got other Disney princesses, too, and she's starting to learn their names, but none of them hold a French-accented candle to Belle.  She's growing into a very fun phase and I so enjoyed watching her open presents and actually play with them.

I think this picture represents her Christmas more than anything.  You can just see her happiness.  You can also see how incredibly big she is getting...which is another post altogether...

Her big gift this year was a dollhouse.  Her motor skills are somewhat lacking, so her hands haven't really figured out how to maneuver the big people inside the dollhouse, but she's learning little by little.

I wish someone would have told me how fun it is to be a parent at Christmas.  When you're a kid, you feel sorry for your parents, because they don't get a whole bunch of presents.  I never realized that a parent's gift comes in the form of watching your child enjoy Christmas so much.

I didn't get a ton of "stuff" accomplished this Christmas, but I did get to enjoy my baby girl, and really - that's about all I could ask for or want out of a Christmas break.