Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Girl Learns About Jesus

Amelia looked super cute before church this evening.  She wore her little Georgia Bulldog shirt (that was a dress two years ago), jean shorts, and her gold sandals.  Her hair was put in a ponytail with a matching bow, because I do want her to look presentable in the house of God.

All of this effort was to no avail, however.  Amelia came home from church tonight looking like this:
She was a big pile of marker marks, snot, hair, and mess.
She got to color her "I Love Missionaries!" poster to her heart's content.  She did a great job.  She just happened to color herself along with her portrait.

"We cleaned her three times!" the nice ladies who kept her said.

I felt bad for them.   I hope they understood that I sympathized with their plight.   Amelia with markers is like Pandora with a box.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the idea of Amelia at church because she's such a handful (remember the lady who told me that keeping her was like keeping multiple babies?), but then I remember the bigger picture.

I'm not sure Amelia understands missionaries, or church, or the fact that I leave her in the Duck Room when I go to sing in choir or attend the big service.  I'm fairly certain she doesn't understand the allusion to C.S. Lewis when Brooke Fraser croons, "Walking, stumbling, on these shadowfeet..." on my radio, but her face lights up and she claps her little hands.

What I do know is that Amelia gives me hugs.  She says "dank do!" when you offer her something.  I know that when I give her a hug, she says "ohhh, sweet!" She dances to almost any song.  I know she points at her baby Bible and says "Jee-dus!" and sings, "Jee-dus ove me dis I nooooooooo!"

It's a small brush of paint onto a big picture, this little trip we're taking to church every week.  But between the markers and the chaos, my girl learns about Jesus.

And, because of Him, she learns about love.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yeah-Yeah's Second Birthday Party

Yeah-Yeah (that's Amelia's name for herself) turned two a few weeks ago.

We had a huge party last year, filled with candy buckets and craziness.  I loved it, but it was just too much for me to pull off this year.  Big parties are en vogue right now, but there's something simple about a family party that I like and that keeps my sanity intact.  We decided to forgo the bigness this year for a simple family pizza party and it turned out great.

Our family really enjoyed the party, too.  Well, okay.  They enjoyed the pizza.  And the cupcakes.  Well, Mama didn't like the cupcakes.  But everyone else thought they were good. :)

My Dad got Amelia a cute little outfit to wear, and she looked precious in it.  She got all sorts of toys that she didn't need (I'm about ready for our first clean-out and trip to Goodwill). 

Amelia did pretty well.  She didn't smile a whole lot (she's starting to understand crowds and confusion) but she loved it when people sang to her.

Kathi and Asher invited us over for a little party for Amelia, too!  We swam, had cupcakes, and had a little bath at the end!  It was perfect, and Amelia had so much fun.

She's two.  She's really two.


Friday, August 5, 2011

So big.

From six pounds to twenty-six pounds...

From one day, one week, one month, one year - to two years...

From twenty-one inches to thirty-six inches...

From saying nothing to saying hundreds of words...

From barely being able to hold a head up to being able to run, jump, and leap tall buildings in a single bound...

My girl is so big.

Happy 2nd Birthday to the best baby girl in the whole world.