Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Things I'm Thankful For Right Now...

It's Thanksgiving.

It's more than just some holiday pie-eatin', football watchin' throwdown.

It's more than a meal that signifies that the Christmas season is here.

It's a time to be thankful.

I've really been touched by the Thanksgiving posts my friends have put on Facebook.  So, in the same kind of spirit, I'm adding a list of things I am thankful for.  Some of these things may sound superficial (see the previous post on the camera if you're looking for more of that), but this list comes genuinely from my heart.

1) I'm thankful for my sweet family.  I'm thankful for my gorgeous, crazy, into-everything-imaginable daughter.  I'm thankful for her energy, her questions ("Uuk!  Whatisthat!?"), and her ability to find happiness in so many facets of life.  I'm thankful that I have a husband who offers to help me out (most of the time - hehe), and puts up with my crankiness.  I'm thankful that he shaved his neck and doesn't look like Scary Joaquin Phoenix (as opposed to Normal Joaquin Phoenix, the one from "Walk the Line") anymore.  I love my parents, sister, and in-laws so much, too.  I am truly blessed with a wonderful family.

2)  I'm thankful for my friends.  I'm thankful that my best friends would do anything for me and that we have a friendship that surpasses conversation - we don't have to talk to "get" each's a rare gift.  I'm thankful for work friends that don't mind hearing me gripe. I'm also thankful that all of my friends (in general) laugh at my jokes.  It's important to have people validate the fact that you are funny if you are attempting to be funny...heh.

3)  I'm thankful that Dancing With the Stars is over and that I can put 2-3 hours a week back to good use.

4) I'm thankful for my kitchen.  Especially at Thanksgiving.  While I'm at it, I'm thankful for heavy cream and the fact that it just makes Thanksgiving awesome.  I think I put it in every single thing I made this year.

5)  I'm thankful for my job.  Teaching children is an amazing responsibility.  It doesn't pay what it should, but, dang it, I go to work feeling like I do something valuable.  Oh, and I really do have the best boss in the world.  I'm not just saying's true.

6)  I'm thankful in advance for those Zumba DVDs that I'm purchasing to combat the evils of the heavy cream (see #4).

7) I'm thankful for Starbucks.  'Nuff said.  Caffeine is important when you're a full-time mama and a full-time professional.

8) I'm thankful that I'm able to be a part of the choir at my church.  I'm thankful for the other sopranos who sing the part loudly so that I can mimic them.  I'm thankful that I don't have to sing by myself at church.  I'm thankful that I can go online and practice my part...even if I can't remember my part once I get online.  I'm thankful that Amelia finally adjusted to church and Wee Keepers and loves going to see "the big tree" at church.

9)  I'm thankful for books, warm cups of coffee on cold nights, and blankets to cuddle under on my couch.  Those help make the winter more livable.

10)  I'm thankful for faith, hope, and love.  I'm thankful that the greatest of these is love - love embodied by a Savior who gave it all.  My thankfulness is nothing in comparison to His goodness.

My Grown-Up Christmas List

My grown-up Christmas list is a little more selfish than the one Vanessa Williams sang about.

I want a camera.  A good one.  One that doesn't take blurry pictures of my child.

My current camera is okay.  It takes decent pictures if the desired object being photographed is 100% still.

Amelia, as we all know, is never 100% still.

So, this camera is on my Christmas list:

It's a Nikon D3000. I asked my mother and my father to go in on it - Dad found a good deal and got it on sale.  This camera is really all I've asked for (because, let's be honest - isn't this enough)?  It is supposed to be a good camera for a camera-illiterate amateur like me.

At the end of my life, all I will have to remember my life by will be the memories I make, the pictures I take, and the words I write.

I want my pictures to be good ones.

Life is too short for blurry pictures.

Just A Regular Saturday

Sometimes, on Saturday mornings, I'll make Amelia and me some yummy homemade banana nut muffins, courtesy of a Tyler Florence recipe.

A few weeks ago, we were having our regular banana nut muffin Saturday...

Until I heard the noise.

Yup, it was THAT NOISE.

I groaned, and looked outside.

I saw this:

Yup, the buzzards.  THOSE STUPID BUZZARDS made their return.

I called my mother-in-law.

"Hey, will you look outside and tell me how many buzzards you see on our roof?"

I heard her sigh in disgust.  This is a little tradition that the Farr Families endured since the buzzards decided to come and hang out on the Farr roofs over a year ago.  My mother-in-law and I call each other to do a "buzzard count."

"Oh, my Lord, those stupid buzzards!  I thought they were gone!  Why can't Tommy be here to take care of them!?  Let me, you've got twelve buzzards."

Yes, we had 12 buzzards.  That isn't even close to the record number.  We've had over 20 on our roof before.

"You should tell Jeremy to deal with the buzzards," my mother-in-law says.  We both knew she was joking.  Jeremy doesn't do guns. She lamented (once again) the fact that my father-in-law wasn't around.  He is usually the Buzzard Remover around these parts.

Soon, however, the reinforcement came in.  A reinforcement just as capable as my father-in-law. 

His name?
Jerm is pretending to be manly and help out.  


That's right.  All sorts of Poppas out there have the ability to remove buzzards from roofs.  It's an ability given to anyone who lived through the World War II era.  Poppas kill snakes, fix engines, solve plumbing problems, plant gardens, wear cute hats that are bigger than their heads, and, dang it, they TAKE CARE OF BUZZARDS LIKE REAL MEN!


Poppa stepped out of his little pickup truck (with a gun bigger than he is) to handle our situation.

Within a few minutes, our buzzards were gone.

Yup, that's the power of a Poppa.

And they can do all of these things while still being as cute as a button.

(No buzzards were harmed in the removal of buzzards from the Farr Home. No laws were broken.  Thank you.)

By the way, while all of this buzzard ruckus was going on with Poppa, Amelia and I enjoyed our muffins.  I mean, what else can a lady, a baby, and six banana nut muffins do to prevent an onslaught of buzzards? We stayed in the house!