Monday, July 26, 2010

What's My Age Again?

(On an off note, I really like using song titles as blog titles...I don't have to think as much...heh.)

I've always called Amelia my "Intrepid Girl."

Her name, accurately enough, means "industrious."

It suits her.

She's always been, well, industrious.  In the NICU, I saw her eyes light up at the glimpses she gleaned from her little window.  I could just tell that my baby girl was going to love the outside.

When she was three weeks old, she was sitting in her Bumbo seat. She couldn't sit for long periods of time, but the fact that she sat up told me what I knew from the beginning:  this girl wants to MOVE.

Amelia started crawling at around the six-month mark, and at nine months, she took her first steps. 

Now, before her first birthday, she's started to RUN.  She loves to be outside.  She throws her hands up, says "aaaaaaayyyyy!" (like the Fonz...heh heh) and literally runs.  She's into absolutely everything now.  Yesterday when "Pammy" kept Amelia, Pammy turned around to discover that Amelia scaled a chair and completely conquered the coffee table.  Colton was never this much trouble.

Honestly, none of this surprises me.  I've heard stories about me as a baby.  I remember D'Anna as a baby.  We were rambunctious.  I think my mother used to go into corners in cry when we took naps.  I mean, why do you people think I waited so long to have a baby?  I knew!

So, she's gone from this...

(So little!)
To this... we go!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Old School

I had to take a long drive the other day that involved me, my car, and some mountain views.

Naturally, that car ride took me back to my college days, when I was younger (obviously), wilder (okay, not really), and free (yes, yes I was).  I did a lot of driving around in the mountains back in those days.  It was required for some of my former, illustrious professions that paid fifty bucks a week.

I'll be honest.  I can't drive worth a lick.  I'm terrible - absolutely terrible - at it.

But I love it, especially when it involves spectacular views and time to think.

Sometimes, a Mama needs a moment that renews her, and this was my moment.

While driving, I listened to two of my old school Caedmon's Call albums, their independent "My Calm//Your Storm," and their pinnacle (sorry, Caedmon's Call, but it's true) album "40 Acres," which may be my favorite record...ever. 

And as I listened to those songs, I thought about those days at Brenau in the ZTA House.  I thought about Kathi and I as two scared freshmen.  I thought about Kristi, and how I was in awe of her for being her own person.  Of course, I also thought about how she used to rant and rave about marrying the dreamy-eyed, lyrically-savvy Bebo Norman.  Sigh.  I miss Bebo...ahem...

I thought about my friend Tracy and how much I missed confiding in her...and how much I missed her in general.  I thought about crazy days with Kathi in the ZTA House when we danced on couches, spoke our own language, and acted foolish.  I thought about Michele and how we walked around the streets of Athens, dreaming dreams and avoiding homework.  I thought about summers away, a near-perfect childhood, and how much I learned during my coming-of-age years.

During that ride, I reminded myself that, "as I get older, life is getting harder."  So many of my friends (not necessarily those mentioned) had to endure and are still enduring the tragedies that life often brings.

So, for the brief span of a few Caedmon's Call songs, I remembered when life was a little bit easier...a little more simple...a little more carefree...for all of us.  Complications are a part of life, and no one would change them, but I think it is also okay to remember the past with love and appreciation.

Sometimes we have to "walk the rocks to see the mountain view," and my prayer is that I'll try to walk with "grace my feet, and faith my eyes."

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I've always thought...

I've always thought that out of all of Jane Austen's characters, I most resembled Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice (by the way MLA people, there isn't an underline option on this blog, or I would underline the titles of my books...but I'm a Chicago Manual Style kind of girl).

Elizabeth is a somewhat-sarcastic, borderline impertinent, thoroughly stubborn woman who loves to make snap judgments, read books, laugh at life situations, and observe the world around her.  That describes me well.

Lately, however, I'm thinking I might be more like Emma Woodhouse from Austen's Emma.

Emma and Elizabeth share many qualities.  They are both stubborn, unwilling to settle for marriage unless it involves love, and full of pride (in their own ways).  Emma has a penchant for matchmaking, though...something she and I share.

I don't set people up often, but I've had two very successful cases.  One couple I set up got married several years ago, and the other...well, they got engaged last weekend!  (I'm not going to name names because I'm not sure if they want their names called out on this blog that three people read.) 

Needless to say, when I heard the news, I was pretty excited for my dear friend.  And, then, I had an Emma Woodhouse thought:  "who will be next to benefit from my help?"

That was a dangerous thought to think.  For anyone who has ever read Emma or watched the story (the BBC just came out with a fabulous version of it) knows that Emma's "help" is often unwarranted and disastrous. 

Yup, that does sound like me.

I'd better stop while I'm ahead...but I have ever really stopped?  Really?

Friday, July 9, 2010

And she says, "Baby, it's 3 a.m., I must be lonely."

Amelia woke up at 2:30ish this morning.

Like, wide awake.  Chatty.  Talkative.  Ready to go.

Did she not notice the dark outside?

I tried to tell her, "Go to sleep! It's dark!  Little girls have to go seep seep (my term for sleep) when it's dark!"

She just looked back and said, "Aroo?"

I don't know what "aroo" means.  I assume that it's some sort of version of "who, me?"  Maybe it's something way meaner...something I cannot repeat on this blog.

I find it funny that she already talks back to me, even as a baby.

I finally got her to sleep around 4:00.

I'm not used to this.  Amelia has slept through the night since she was about nine weeks old.  She's had a few issues here and there, but never like this.  She has spoiled me rotten, this formerly-sleeping child of mine.

I think I finally crashed at 5:30.

I made her wake up early this morning, just to make sure she doesn't become a little nocturnal baby.  She wasn't even grouchy.

Sleep is starting to become a non-issue for her.  Who needs sleep when you can PLAY??

I'm starting to think Amelia might be an only child.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Poem


Tonight, while I looked at
The velvet overlay of stars,
I spied the sliver of a crescent moon.
It was like the thumbnail of God
Pressed against the pulse of this world

And while that thought brought comfort,
The next brought on my pragmatism:

"Nah, He's probably bigger than that."

- DCF '10