Thursday, May 27, 2010

This is Just Wrong

I like Michael Buble.  Jeremy bought me his new cd at Christmas (he thought it was his Christmas cd, but oh, well) and I've been listening to it lately.

While I like most of the cd, I've decided that there's something that a man from Canada should never do.

He sings a version of Georgia on My Mind that is criminal.  And I don't mean that in a good way.

Do you hear that??! Michael Buble can't say "Georgia" right!  It isn't Ge-yah-guh.  It's GEYOUR-GUH.  Why didn't get get a dialect coach to help him with the pronunciation of our state?  Has he even been to Georgia?  Has he even talked to someone from the South?

Maybe he's talking about the former Soviet Republic of Georgia? I've never been there, but I would think that version of "Georgia" might involve a reference to borscht.

I digress...

When Ray Charles sang the song (which, yes, I own that it was originally written for a girl named "Georgia"), he was able to evoke memories of my home.

Maybe next year, the  Georgia General Assembly could (take a break from axing education dollars and) write a bill that proclaims, "only people from the South should be allowed to sing our state song."  I think that would help matters.

Don't ya think?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

When in Gainesville...

Every town has rules.

You know, the rules you need to follow to get around? There are definitely a few rules you need to abide by to get around in my hometown of Gainesville (G-Funk, Gainesvegas, etc).

I think a few Gainesvillians have forgotten these rules.  In the past week, I've had to honk my horn and say a few not-so-nice things to people.

So, I'm going to remind the three people that read my blog of a few basic, simple rules - a little Gainesville etiquette, if you will.  If you've never been to Gainesville, keep this Code of Gainesville on hand if you ever come and visit us.

1. Don't turn left on Green Street.  Ever.  I don't care if it's 4:28 on April 15th and you have to get your taxes to the post office - you don't turn left on Green Street!

2.  Speaking of Green Street, you do not harass the hundreds of runners who come barreling down the sidewalk as you pass them in your cars.  Hey, who cares if runners choose the most polluted street in American History?  It's their smog inhalation, not yours.

3.  Don't try to open a Mexican restaurant in Gainesville.   It's not going to work.  El Sombrero has a choke-hold on this town.  While I'm at it, your barbeque better be fabulous if you want the locals to choose it over Johnny's and Smokehouse.

4.  When you get to the end of Green Street heading south towards town, make sure you are in the correct lane.  Don't let that big tree/bush with all the Christmas lights distract you.  If you are in the wrong lane when that little green arrow lights up, and you are planning to go left instead of right - well, the locals are going to kill you.

5.  Longstreet is good.  It does not, however, require you to IMPEDE TRAFFIC to get a BISCUIT.  If you sit in the right lane trying to turn in to Longstreet between 7-8 am for more than ten seconds, you are going to have the wrath of Gainesville come down upon you!  Your need from a biscuit cannot make people late for work!  (This may drive me crazier than anything else!)

6.  If you want to start up your own restaurant, it would probably not be a good idea to not start it in the old Rio Bravo/Up the Creek/Smoky Bones/Sweetfire Grill location.  It's jinxed.

7.  Don't go to Wal-Mart.  Ever.  Go to Dawsonville, Oakwood, Dahlonega, Cumming - anywhere but the Gainesville Wal-Mart.  Only go to the Gainesville Wally World in the case of an extreme emergency.

8.  There is a shortcut to get to anywhere in Gainesville.  You just have to learn how to work the roads.

9.  If you see a funeral procession, stop.  It's still important to us.

(The opinions in this article represent the author alone and do not represent the official opinion of the city of Gainesville, GA.)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's Important

This week is teacher appreciation week.

Tell a teacher you care.   It matters.