Monday, March 29, 2010

Last Week

Last week was a big week for Amelia.

She learned to go from lying down to sitting.  She learned to crawl.  She learned to pull up to a standing position.

She cut one tooth and is cutting another.  She got a cold last week (maybe as a result of the teeth - who knows?).

She woke up about seven or eight times a night for three or four nights in a row.  Two nights last week, she woke up at three a.m - I mean, she was wide awake, sitting up, with a smile on her face.  She's never done that before.

Yup, my normal, restful days are numbered.  I was exhausted.  I am exhausted.

I'm starting to think my sweet little Amelia is going to be an only child.

But then...then she'll smile, or laugh hysterically at the silliest thing, or give the cutest little wave, or clap (just one of her many new little talents), and I'm just smitten all over again.

Is it normal to have such a complicated relationship with one's child?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mean Mama

I tried to persuade Amelia to crawl.

It didn't work.

At some point, she just put her head down and screamed.

Poor little bit. :(

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I think I'm over it.

I wasn't really obsessed to begin with, but I think I'm pretty much over the Twilight hype.

The books (like all books, I suppose) are just so much better than the movie.  The sometimes-wooden performances (apart from Kristen Stewart, who I actually think captures Bella pretty well) really detract from the story.  Well - that, and the 500 screaming teenage girls that sit with me while I watch the movie in the theater.

The books have such a great message.  Wait for love.  Resisting temptation is okay, and it will make you a better person in the end.  It's okay to wait to have sex until you are married.  The message is convoluted in the movies.

I watched the Eclipse trailer, and I think I yawned.  It just looks so...boring and plotless.  (I did happen to remember that the book with the same title really didn't have much of a plot, either.)

I'll go watch the movie, but I'll wait to let the screaming throngs of teenage girls die down so they won't talk during the entire movie (I might make that the next topic of choice on here).  I might pick up the books again in a few years.

I have books I like more, movies I'd rather watch, and television shows I'd rather see.  If that makes me uncool, so be it. :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ways to Annoy Co-Workers

1.  Sing On the Wings of Love by Some Guy I've Never Heard Of.

2.  Sing it pretty often.

3.  Sing it and just make up the words you don't know.  ("On the wings of looooooooooooove/walking around the place/ together flyiiiiiiiiing hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih!")

4.  Just show up to work.  That usually does it for me.

Random (and not-so-random) Thoughts, Part II

1.  I always have this dream that I'm in college and I have a college math class to take before I graduate.  For some reason, I never attend class. There are tests and course work to finish...and I'm not ready.  Why do I always have this dream?  Am I that afraid of math?

2.   Jeremy wears a hoodie in the summer and shorts in the snow.  I think this condition is called "Reverse Seasonal Disorder."  At least that's what I was told when I looked it up on Web MD. 

3.  I've already mentioned this to a few people, but there's a bank that I saw a billboard for called 5/3 Bank.  Why on earth would I bank somewhere that uses improper fractions?

4.  Why didn't we ever see Nanny's face on Muppet Babies?  What do you think she looked like?  Was she a Muppet or a human?

5.  Why do I get sucked into The Bachelor?  It's like a black hole of debauchery.  It's gross.  It's...well...ya know...addicting.

6.  Actually,  I get sucked in to lots of crappy things that come on television all the time.  I mean, why do I watch First Knight every single time it comes on television?  Ew.

7.  It seems like most people I know do not have a hobby.  A few do.   I wonder why?  Why don't people have hobbies anymore?  Is it because things like Facebook, cell phones, The Bachelor, and blogs occupy too much of our time?  Is blogging considered a hobby?

8.  What causes swiss cheese to have holes in it?

9.  I think that the tv show Lost was named that because trying to watch it makes you...well...lost.  Any time one finds annotated notes scrolling underneath his/her show of choice means that...well...the show may be wee bit too complicated.  Annotations are for Anna Karenina...not tv.

10.  I've said it before.  I'll say it again.  Wearing leggings underneath a t-shirt should not qualify as church-appropriate attire.

11.  Why doesn't the Pioneer Woman weigh 400 pounds?  Does cattle ranching balance out her fat intake ratio?

12.  Why does my local hospital give babies weird Mam pacis from Austria that are almost impossible to find (even on the internet)?  Is it their sick idea of a joke?

13.  I know it isn't good.  Yet, I buy that frozen meal, hoping beyond hope that "this one will actually taste okay."  I'm such a fool.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snow, you stink.

I'm sick of snow.

Sick, sick, sick of it.

I'm ready for seventy degrees.  I'm ready for Chacos. I'm ready for Daffodils (anyone seen any of those lately?).  I'm ready for shorts and spring/summer clothes that don't come from the maternity section.
It's March, and it's snowing in Georgia.  REALLY?!  We southerners aren't used to this.

Go away, snow.  Take the cold wind with you.

(Author's Note:  I was actually going to entitle this entry "Snow, you're a [insert name of gardening instrument that rhymes with snow]!"  I decided against it because my blog is mentioned on the blog rolls of some friends.  I would just feel silly having my "Snow, you're a [ya know]!" blog mentioned along with blogs entitled, "Diapering 101," or "Fun at Church!"  I think this decision shows signs of maturity.  Maybe.)

Amelia - 6 Months

Amelia is six months (actually, she's almost seven months at this point) and she is getting more mobile by the minute.

I'm very afraid.

Amelia can sit up and rock on all fours now, as if she is going to crawl.  It won't be much longer until she's able to move around the room on her hands and knees.  She likes being placed on the slick hardwood floor, because she's figured out how to maneuver and scoot around with little effort.  She can sit up by herself now, too, which is a blessing.

She has two teeth now.  Teething wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, although there were some nights when I thought I might lose my sanity.  She was very needy.  Her two little teeth are so cute.

Her hair is coming in at an alarming rate, although the color of said hair is quite a mystery.  In the sunlight it looks like it is the palest blond, but in regular lighting it looks darker.  I'm leaning more toward light brown.

Amelia can't say actual words yet, but she loves to "talk."  (Hmmmm...wonder where she got that from?)  She can go "ahhhhhhhhh" for an unprecedented amount of time for a baby.  Maybe she'll be an opera singer!  She loves to jabber on and on about ...well...something.  We're not quite sure yet.

She wakes up with a little cough.  This might be one of her cutest and most endearing qualities.  She coughs when she wakes up as if to say, "AHEM, come and get me, please!"  She rarely cries when she wakes up and is usually in a very good mood in the morning.  I love to go get her in the morning and see that bright and happy face.  It melts my heart.

She still doesn't cry too often.  She whines more than anything when she is upset (and yes, there is a distinct difference, trust me).  She's generally a happy baby and Jeremy and I both agree that we have been spoiled by her goodness and sweetness of temper.

I know all parents say this, but I can't believe how big she's getting and how fast she's growing up.  I watch it all unfold before me and I still stand in amazement at what a precious gift I have been given.  God is so good!