Monday, February 15, 2010

"It's a Good Thing."

I am not Martha Stewart-esque.

Far from it.

I can't decorate.  I just find things that seem to look good together and hope that they work.  I like to cook, but my food isn't very fancy.

No one is perfect, but some people can make their lives look perfect.  I'm just not one of those people.

Martha isn't very perfect, either (thanks to that stint in the pokey) - but she certainly knows how to create ambiance.  I mean, like her or not - the lady has ability.

Martha, apparently, used her talents to make a little money.  That stint in the pokey was probably expensive.  I can't imagine what she must have paid her PR people.

So, to make all of our lives cheerful, she wrote little "helpful hints" that Dove put into their chocolate wrappers.  I've eaten the dark little nuggets of happiness for the past few months now, but I just noticed Martha's helpful "hints."

They're a little...well...Martha.

Here are a few (these are Christmas themed):

"Roll ice cream scoops in coconut for snowman-inspired treats."

"Fill a glass jar with candies and wrap it with a festive bow."

And, my favorite -

"Hickory wood adds subtle fragrance to a holiday fire."

Really, Martha?  I think I can do better than that.

In fact, here are a few of my own "helpful hints:"  (Sorry, no chocolate included...Dove doesn't apparently think that my advice warrants being printed on foil and wrapped around little bits of chocolate.)

"Playing music in the background of your party will add a cheery, musical touch to your party."

"Try adding flowers to your vase for a pop of color."

"If your dogs bark during your party, be sure to have some chocolate bark on hand to compliment the occasion."

"Adding bells to your wreath will give it a jingle-y touch."

"Kevin Costner is appropriate for some parties, but not all of them.  Make sure you don't show 'Dances with Wolves' in mixed company."


"Adding salt to your food will make it nice and salty."

Wow.  Okay, I guess I should stop this before I get a little out of control.

I'm such a nerd.

Monday, February 1, 2010

God. Is. Love.

A long, long time ago, a thought crossed my mind.

It still holds true today.

If I truly believe that God is the creator of all things - the center of the universe - the heartbeat of lives - then I have to believe that He is love.

God is unbelievably, undeniably bigger than any of my problems.  He is larger than my pain, stronger than my hurt, and the ultimate Healer of a broken heart.

He made the universe.  He created depths I cannot understand, mountains I cannot conquer, and the cells that hold my body together. 

Sometimes I think that I can escape from this love - that I am not good enough to be His.

My God made the universe.  My God, if He made the universe, must be bigger than the universe.  If God is bigger than the universe, and God is love - then just how BIG IS THAT LOVE?

It's a bigger love than I can wrap my puny little brain around.

Despite all of my shame, despite all of my depravity, despite the core and flint of me that is wicked and vain - God is love.

"And oh, how He loves us so..."

Despite my waywardness, despite my journeys down other directions, despite who I was and who I never, never will be - God is love.

"Oh, how He loves us..."

Despite my fears, despite my pain, despite the never-ending, soul-searching, unanswered questions and unanswered prayers - God is love.

"How He loves us all..."

And in my search for unattainable perfection, in my personal battle with "just not good enough," and despite the facts that cloud a mind prone to reason, I forget just how in awe I should be of a God who is love.

Yet, that does not stop Him.

He loves me despite my imperfections, despite my forgetfulness of Him, and despite the busyness that engulfs my life.

I love a God who loves beyond my imagination.  He sings over me. His thoughts about me are more than the grains of sand on the seashores of this earth.

And in my prayers- the ones for my daughter - the ones for broken hearts - the ones for those close to my heart - the ones for my own forgiveness - I pray that His love would sate and fulfill me through the waves of this life that I navigate.

My life has very little meaning if I forget the simplest of truths.

God is love.