Friday, October 30, 2009

Random Thoughts

1. "Real Estate Intervention" has to be one of the most depressing shows on television. The recession is already bad enough. Who would want to watch a show that describes how bad it really is? Who wants to watch a show that features people losing thousands (at times even hundreds of thousands) of dollars? It's like "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" in reverse. Yuck.

2. I've already posted this one on Facebook, so it's not-so-random anymore...but seriously, is there anything that Brooke Shields WON'T endorse? I see her on ads for everything from toothpaste to Proactiv to eyelash extensions (ew. ow. yuck.). She must be hard-up for the cash.

3. Why is it that the simple name of "Michael Jackson" once struck fear into the hearts of children, and now that he is dead, children love him again? At school "Michael Jackson" showed up a couple of years ago at a pep rally and the kids screamed like crazy in terror. This year "Michael Jackson" showed up and the kids screamed in love an adoration. Why does death change the perception of a person?

4. Why do I purchase bottled water when I know I can get it out of the tap for free? What really makes it so different?

5. The metric system is weird. And yet, I have difficulty understanding why we don't use it, because it really does make sense. The rest of the world uses it. However, it just sounds strange to think that 30 degrees equals a warm temperature. I love how America refuses to follow anyone else's standard.

6. Does anything smell worse than potato salad? Honestly? Maybe tuna salad? I can never get past the smell of certain things to eat them. The only thing I can think of that smells worse is Fieldale on a very cold night. (Shudder.)

7. I'm very nervously dreading the arrival of a new popular boy band. We're due for one or two soon, and Amelia is getting older by the minute. I'm very afraid.

8. Each decade in the 20th century had its own distinctive fashion, except for the 90s. This makes me sad, because I grew up in the 90s. I can't see my kids having "90s day" at school and asking me if I own an old pair of Doc Martens that they can wear. There just really wasn't anything major in terms of fashion statements then. The movie "Clueless" might display the only distinctive fashion I can think of. Maybe as I get older this will change...?
9. Why do diapers have cartoons on them? Does this really make kids happy? I don't think Amelia cares if she poops on Blue from "Blue's Clues." It's just odd.
10. I picked the name "Amelia" for my daughter because it's beautiful and unusual. A few months later, the "Amelia" movie came out. Now, the name will probably skyrocket in popularity. Sigh.
11. Apparently I "like" quotation marks.
I guess that's it...for now...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Amelia's Photo Shoot

I took some new pictures of Amelia. I'm pretty excited at how they turned out.

I think I'm getting better at photography. I've been getting lots of blurry pictures, but these turned out pretty clear. :) Yay!

Here's some pictures of my 2-month-old sweetheart: