Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Garden State

I come from a family of farmers. My Papa Hulsey farmed for a living and had acres and acres of farmland. My Granny Hulsey always has a garden in the summertime, and my Grandpaw used to have a garden in the summers, too. My Memama has a flower garden that could make the Garden Club jealous. My Mother can make almost anything grow and has the greenest thumb of anyone I know. She can grow random plants all throughout the house.

Me? Not so much. Apparently, farming isn't a genetic trait.
I have always wanted an herb garden. I love fresh herbs. They make everything taste wonderful. So when Publix had some herbs in little flower pots on sale, I scooped up the thyme and basil plants with a stupid grin on my face. I was so excited. I dreamed of all of the recipes I could make in my new kitchen with my new herbs, and it made me so happy.

I imagined that I would be just like Ina Garten (well, maybe a few pounds less - sorry, Ina) and head to my little garden to pick herbs for my couscous, my pesto sauce, my chicken with basil...the Food Network nerd in me really started coming out.

Well, my dreams are turning to dirt. Literally. A week or so later, my herbs are looking a little pitiful. I'll have to ask Mama how to revive them, but I think it might be too late.

Stupid black thumb.

7 Weeks

Amelia is 7 weeks old today! I can't believe it!

She's such a cutie and I am more and more amazed by her every day.

People always say that they can't remember what life was like before they had children. I think that's a load of hooey. I remember. Life was fun before children, and life is fun now.

I dread having to leave her in October. I'm already trying to mentally prepare myself.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Intrepid Girl

At six weeks, Amelia...

1. ...smiles and coos all the time now. This morning, I went to her bedroom to get her up for her feeding. I told her "good morning!" and she recognized my voice. She had her head turned the other way, but she started grinning from ear to ear and kicking in excitement. It totally made my whole morning.
2. ...holds her head and body up rather well. She can sit for a few minutes in her Bumbo seat, get into crawling position during tummy time, and can hold herself up when I try to burp her. She's very strong.

3...wiggles all over the place. I had to take the bumper pads out of her bed already because somehow she has found a way to wiggle to the other side of the bed. I found her a bit too close to the bumper pad for comfort. She's already outgrown her baby ramp, too. I thought it would keep her still, but she just wiggled down to the bottom of it and maneuvered her head in between the foam wedges that are supposed to hold her body in place. growing up. She doesn't want to be held like a "baby" anymore. She already wants to sit up like a big girl and look around. She's finally outgrowing her newborn onesies and newborn diapers. She's getting longer and putting on weight. She's getting chunky arms and legs and a double chin.

5. ...has learned about the power of a gripe. She is so rotten.

I am in love with my intrepid girl and so amazed by how grown up she already is. I wonder if these developments are an indicator of her personality -ambitious, determined, curious, and a wiggler. :) I can't wait to find out.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

TV Dinner

I have watched more tv in the past six weeks than I probably watched in the past six months.

There really isn't much else that one can do while feeding an infant. I had an ambitious friend once tell me she tried to make brownies while feeding her child (and you know who you are - hehehe), but for the most part the only things one can do while feeding an infant is watch tv and glare at your computer while trying to type one-handed on the keyboard.

I'm sure there are lots of Mamas out there who will say, "but you can bond with your baby instead of watching tv! This is the best time to tell her your inmost thoughts!" Yeah, not so much. She's not looking at me. She's not in the mood to bond. She's not thinking about anything but food. Honestly, she's probably more likely to wonder about why her Daddy watches re-runs of Cheers so much than to wonder about bonding with her mama. I realize that many mothers feel that bond with their babies while feeding them, but I'm not one of those mothers. Anyone who knows me knows this is true.

So basically, tv is my only option in terms of feeding-time entertainment. And right now, television really stinks.

There is nothing on television. We have a satellite dish at our new house with 2.5 million channels and I still can't find anything most of the time. During the day I can usually catch the news or some random daytime talk show (I have learned way more about the human body than I ever cared to know thanks to the Doctors), but nighttime makes television viewing more difficult.

Honestly, there needs to be a Mommy TV station for mothers who are up in the middle of the night with their babies. There are lots of really strange things that come on at four in the morning, and I am privy to all of these things. Almost every infomercial ever made comes on, as well as random movies and television shows. I usually try to program something on the DVR, the Mother's best friend, but one night the only thing I had to watch was "Critters 4." You know the world has gone to proverbial pot when the only thing on television besides infomericals is "Critters 4."

Even my beloved Food Network shows infomercials at the wee hours of the morning. In a surreal little moment, they show their little logo and tell you "Good Night." The next thing you know, Leeza Gibbons is hawking some Bare Minerals rip-off right before your eyes. (Oh, and by the way - the Food Network shows a lot of repeats. Tons and tons. That makes my life difficult, too.) Something about the loss of Food Network, even for a brief few hours, makes me rather sad.

Mommy TV might be a grand invention. It could show all sorts of valuable programming at 4 in the morning that would be beneficial to a Mommy's sanity (such as re-runs of "Friends," the "Twilight" movie, entertainment news ...pretty much anything besides "Barney," "Calliou," or anything that mothers are forced to watch during the day with their little ones). It could help mothers stay awake to get through a feeding. Mommy TV could offer helpful tips and encouragement to mothers in the form of little PSAs provided by the network.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on motherhood right now...pretty sad, huh? Stay tuned for my Fall Fashion report (Acid-wash is coming back. Be very, very afraid) in the next few days.