Sunday, June 28, 2009

34 Weeks

Well, I would put a new "belly" picture up for my 34 week mark...but I don't look any different. I'm not saying that sarcastically.

I was measured at the doctor's office at my appointment on Friday. My belly measured the same at the 34-week mark as it did at the 32-week mark. So, I had yet ANOTHER ultrasound to determine why my belly wasn't bigger. Jeremy rushed up to the doctor to come be by my side. The doctor wanted to check and make sure the issue wasn't low weight or low amniotic fluid. I got upset and worried, but I tried to remember all the scares I had before, and how everything worked out just fine.

Apparently, I just "hid" and continue to "hide" Amelia well. She measured right where she should, and she weighed over five pounds! She's gonna be a chunky monkey! My amniotic fluid looked good, too. The doctor said maybe I could attribute genetics to not getting bigger (Mom didn't get very big with us), or maybe, just MAYBE, that FitMama Salsa and Yoga finally kicked in.

I honestly don't know what caused my belly not to grow, but I certainly had the junk scared out of me by this episode. I mean, I'm thankful that my body held up and continues to hold up to the pregnancy so well, but it was scary to think about something being wrong for those thirty minutes or so.

I'm so glad Jeremy was there to be with me. Honestly, I'm not the kind of girl that likes to constantly be petted and pampered - I like being independent, and I was raised to be so. However, as I get bigger, I really rely on him more and more. He helps me out of the car, helps me up, he runs all sorts of errands for me, etc. He has been incredibly patient and a total sweetheart.

The Farr Family enjoyed lots of fun and exciting events these past few weeks. We had three showers, Colton's birthday party, a Gwinnett Braves game, and a move-in date approaching! That's right, folks! In a little over a week, the Farr Casa should be move-in ready. We are way excited to be in our new home.

For now, however, here are some pictures of our latest adventures:
The Hulsey/Cain Family Shower
The Farr Family Shower (I like Jeremy's look in this picture - like, "what am I getting myself into with this little girl?")
Friend shower - I'm here with my fellow hostesses (and April's righteous arms - I mean, seriously - do you see her arms??! The girl gives me hope).
Colton's birthday party! He blew out the candles a few times before all of them were lit! :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Life Verse

I've been thinking, praying, and searching for a life verse I would like to choose for my daughter, and I think I finally have an answer.

I saw an article in the Gainesville Times yesterday that discussed the Gainesville Aid Project, or GAP. GAP is a service project sponsored by a local church that focuses on service to others. I was fortunate enough to attend GAP several years ago while I was in high school.

GAP is based on such a simple premise. You sleep in an old Methodist campground, you wake up, you work on a service project for the elderly or unfortunate all day, and you return home at night to share with others what you experienced around a campfire.

While many churches and church camps focus on being uber-emotional or have a "bless me, God!" attitude, GAP was and is a quiet, selfless experience. And it is through that selflessness that I got closer to God.

During the sharing time, we sang a song from the book of Isaiah and Advent which still resonates with me:

"Surely it is God who saves me/I will trust in Him and not be afraid/for the Lord is my stronghold and my sure defense/and He will be my savior."

As soon as I saw that article, the words to that song popped in my head, as well as the my experiences at GAP. I knew in that moment that I had found Amelia's life verse.

What a beautiful lesson to give to my daughter - that God will be honored through her service to those who are less fortunate than she is. My prayer is that she will truly have a servant's heart. Hopefully, through serving others, she might draw closer to a God who is a defender, savior, and stronghold.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Jeremy and I have been married five years today. Five years is a long time if you are in a Hollywood relationship or if you have been in the 8th grade for five years in a row, but considering the length of some marriages, I realize it is just a drop in the proverbial bucket. :)

I really have been blessed with an excellent husband. I like to giggle and say funny things about him, but he truly is amazing. He puts up with me and my imperfections like no one else on this earth could do, and he does so with a grace that I'll never be able to replicate. His patience, kindness, goodness, and humor never cease to amaze me. God comes first in my life, but Jeremy will always be the second person on my list.

I am thankful for him and look forward to many more years to come! :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Transitional Ignorance

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution published an article yesterday concerning the digital television transition. Apparently, some people didn't get the memo that the transition took place. Those with antennas (and even some with cable -- my mother was warned of this by her cable company) had to purchase digital converter boxes to pick up the basic broadcast channels.

Anyone that watched the major networks for oh, the past .... YEAR (at least!) should know about the digital transition. Every single day, the networks warned those with antennas that they would lose their analog signal on June 12th. The government even offered (and still offers) coupons to those who want to purchase a converter box. I even think the transition was delayed once to make sure that people were really ready.

According to the AJC, the local Atlanta stations were bombarded on Friday with thousands (yes, THOUSANDS) of calls. People complained that their tvs didn't work any more.


I mean, I hate to be ugly...but who ARE these people? How could you not know? Every single day for the past year, there were at least 3,104 warnings about the digital transition. I heard Monica Pearson talk about the digital transition. I heard Brenda Wood talk about the digital transition. Heck, the Pekingese at the Farr House even asked if we should be concerned about the digital transition because they didn't want to miss Ken Cook's weather report.

How - HOW - could someone not know?

The sheer thought of someone not knowing about the digital transition and complaining about it is absurd. I think it would be similar someone waking up and going to work without any pants on...and then when he/she realizes that he/she doesn't have pants on, this person calls the local Wal-Mart to complain, because it's Wal-Mart's fault that he/she doesn't have pants on that day.

It would be similar to me getting to August and finally realizing that I'm pregnant, and then calling my doctor afterward to complain about all the pain and suffering I had to endure during childbirth. I mean, I can just imagine that conversation now..."why didn't you tell me that I had to go through this to have a baby!?! Why didn't you PREPARE me?!"

I realize that there are some exceptions in this group. Some of the elderly, for example (I will add that my Granny knew almost a year ago and has had her box ready for weeks). People who have been out of the country is another example. I understand tens of phone calls, but thousands?

Events like this frighten me. They remind me of teaching, when I say, "don't write on the paper," 47 times, only to find that Jimmy's name and answers are clearly written on the class set of papers in ink. The collective ADD and over-stimulation of the American mind frightens me.

Maybe, just MAYBE, some people didn't understand what "digital transition" meant. Maybe the way the stations described it was confusing. Maybe. Yes, I will tell myself that, and hopefully it will make me feel better about America...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Da Hizzle

Here are some pictures of "Da Hizzle" as Jeremy calls it. We hope to be in as soon as we can...hopefully by the end of the month. We really wanted to be in there...well, now...but as we all know (and Mick Jagger reminds us) you can't always get what you want.

Despite time constraints and the worries that have come with this process, we feel very blessed to be able to live here and are super excited about having a house of our own. It is going to be so nice to not have to share walls with people, which we have done for our entire marriage! God has been and continues to be very good to us.

31 Weeks

Well, I'm at the 31 week mark!

I'm feeling pretty good for the most part. About once a week, I wake up feeling like Amelia is sitting right on top of my lungs. It is hard to breathe and so uncomfortable! It usually takes me a few hours of moving around to shake the "I can't breathe" feeling. I have a pretty small torso and I'm not a tall person, so I realize that this is to be expected and will happen more often as she grows.

I'm also experiencing some Carpel Tunnel from time to time, which is very, very uncomfortable. Mom had the same exact thing when she carried D'Anna. I'm finding that I'm very similar to my mother in terms of pregnancy so far, which is a good thing. I'm hoping those genes will kick in and give me back my waist and keep me stretch-mark free, but those are probably pipe dreams! Genes can only carry one so far! (I do remember my Mom not looking pregnant after she had my sister, though - her waist came back instantly. It was crazy.)

I'm getting pretty big, but I'm still feeling pretty active and mobile. I'm thankful for that. I'm swelling a little, but I find if I drink lots of water that I swell much less or not at all. I'm still trying to exercise often and eat as healthy as a hormone-driven pregnant lady can. If I'm hungry, I eat - but I'm trying not to binge on tons of ice cream and junk. It's not good for the baby and it's not good for me, so I try to keep that in perspective when ordering or making food. But if I want an ice cream every now and then, I do have one. :) Fat-free Rainbow Sherbet, strawberries with Greek yogurt and honey, and Starbucks Iced Macchiatos have been lifesavers and really sate my sweet cravings. It is hard to deny myself Turnstile sweet tea, though - YUM!

I'm feeling Amelia move much more often now. She twists, turns, and kicks some kind of crazy nerve on my right side. It hurts, but I STILL think it is WAY more comfortable than the gas pains I used to have! Hahaha! She got the hiccups yesterday and hiccuped every five to ten seconds for about five minutes. I felt really bad for her, because I get the hiccups like that and I understood how she felt.

I'm starting to wonder about lots of things. I wonder if she'll look like Jeremy or if she'll look like me - I can't wait to see her. I wonder how labor and delivery will go. I wonder if I'll get her nursery ready in time. I wonder if I'll be a good mom and be able to handle the pressures of parenthood.

I guess that's it for this update. Everything is going well - Amelia and I are doing great!!!

Nothing Is Impossible

I always like to remind myself (and the readers of my blog) that we live in a life where very few things are promised to us.

Today at church, a song called "Healer" reminded me that while few things are promised to us, God is also capable of all things. As I read over the lyrics, "nothing is impossible for you" scrolling over and over again, it really resonated within me. I was reminded that while God doesn't promise us a life free from pain or a life that is always perfect and happy, nothing is impossible for Him.

I really needed that balance of perspective today. Despite the pain that I may face in this life, I still serve a God of miracles and wonders. My precious baby is an example of such miracles.

Nothing is impossible with Him. In fact, God used the words to a song called "Healer," a song written by a man who faked cancer, to shake me out of my cynicism.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

All Things

There are times when life throws one a curve ball, and in the midst of the game, you find yourself struck out and surprised.

There are times when you wonder, "when is enough truly enough?"

I questioned God a lot this week. I've wondered why things had to happen the way they did. I wondered why God allowed my mother to be hurt so terribly again, just when she said she was happy. I wondered - as simple and childlike as this word is - why. There are some people that think it is sinful to question - and maybe it is. I, however, think it is okay to ponder these ideas as long as I understand that I need to place my trust in God as I ask these questions.

There are things I do know. I know that God has a purpose. I know that God has answers that I may not receive on this side of life. And I know that Romans 8:28 is just as true as it was yesterday. "God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose."

I'm not sure how this will work for good. I'm not sure how something that seems so void of sense will make sense one day. But until then, I trust God for the answers and wait for that day when the answers will reveal themselves. Until then, I pray, trusting that all things - ALL THINGS - will work together for the good of those who love God.

All things.