Thursday, May 28, 2009


In the past several months, Jeremy and I found ourselves really overwhelmed with life. I was busy with school and...well, being pregnant. Jeremy was busy coaching. He coached basketball and soccer this year, and it kept him very physically active.

My busyness earned me a big belly and extra poundage (to be expected). Jeremy, however, lost approximately all of weight I gained.

It's like his weight just transferred over to me, similar to ATM transaction gone horribly wrong. I watch myself getting bigger, and I watch him getting smaller. I'm happy for him - he looks great - but what happened to that whole sympathy weight concept? I was totally counting on him to help me with those pints of Ben and Jerry's come August.

He's pretty proud of his weight loss, too. He came in with his shirt off and FLEXED for me today. It reminded me of the "Pump YOU up!" SNL skit from several years ago. I couldn't help but giggle at him. I don't think he's going to see me walking around struttin' my stuff any time soon.

Oh, well. I guess I shouldn't complain about having a cute (albeit dorky) husband, huh?

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Conspiracy

I'm convinced that the world has it out for pregnant women.

It pretends like it cares for pregnant women by offering us "expectant mother parking," alleged deals on Pampers, and websites to cater to preggos (I do admit that BabyCenter is to me what Sports Center is to Jeremy...). This is all pretend, though.

Don't believe me? Try to find maternity clothes in Gainesville. It is almost impossible. Not only that, but the maternity clothes that you usually do find are outrageously expensive. Most of my maternity purchases were made from Old Navy Online when they were running a 50% off promotion for about 2 hours. I had to hope and pray that the stuff fit. Motherhood Maternity has some cute stuff, but it is all pretty expensive - and I feel really, really stupid paying 35 dollars for some "dress pants" with a thin band of elastic that will be shot out after I wear them a couple of times. Mimi Maternity (now known as a "Pea in the Pod") is even more ridiculous. They have Seven for All Mankind Maternity Jeans. Seriously. Who in their right mind (besides Heidi Klum) can afford Seven Maternity jeans?!!? I can't even afford Seven's regular jeans!

Maternity clothes are one sign that the world really has it out for pregnant women. If you need a pair of black dress pants or a nice dress to wear to a special occasion, these "specialty" stores or these "specialty" departments know that the pickings are slim. They KNOW they can charge you an arm and a leg for this stuff because you have NO OTHER OPTION. I mean, you can't wear a pillowcase to that wedding. (And on a side note, Jeremy is going to be in a wedding on July 11th...I will be 9 months pregnant and look quite like The Walrus (koo koo kajoo). I asked if I could just wear underwear, but he didn't seem to think that would be a good idea...hehehe.))

Ahem...on to baby stuff. Ohhhhhhhhh, baby stuff. Just another way the world has it out for expectant mothers. Baby bedding is so expensive that I nearly had a heart attack in the middle of Babies 'R Us when I saw the prices on some of their pink-laced bumpers. It literally costs around 200 dollars for baby bedding. Pottery Barn has clearances online, but after you add stuff up, their clearance material still costs around 200 dollars.

I found the cutest nursery set I have ever seen online, but the price was so incredibly outrageous I thought I could never afford it. I kept checking Craigslist and ebay for a deal, and finally found a store that sells overstocked baby bedding. I got the baby bedding I wanted for less than half the price, but that was still more than I thought I would ever have to pay for baby bedding!

You know, first-time moms are probably suckered into this stuff more than anyone else, because we really want a super cute nursery. Most experienced mothers probably don't pay these prices for baby bedding because they know that a) the baby doesn't really know or care b) the baby will spit up all over this baby bedding anyway and c) cleaning cheerios, bananas and strawberries out of that trendy stroller blanket makes it waaaaaaay less adorable. However, as a first-time mother, I can tell you that I REALLY wanted some cute baby bedding for Amelia's nursery. I realize that she'll only need it for a year or so, but I couldn't resist when I saw it.

(See?? Isn't it adorable??)

Baby furniture is outrageous, too. I can't see myself spending thousands of dollars on particle board. I hate processed anything - and that includes processed wood. Therefore, I am going with used furniture. I'm buying a used wood crib from Jessica, my sister-in-law's BFF. I plan on buying (or maybe even inheriting) some solid pieces of antique furniture. It's pretty easy to dress them up "shabby chic" style to get a cute look. I have a mother who can refinish furniture - and she is very good at it. The plan is to some use these pieces again in a nursery if Jeremy and I have another baby some day.

I honestly don't think I could spend thousands of dollars on baby set of furniture made out of particle board - I just couldn't do it. But there are many mothers who have done it and many who will do it because they want something new for their baby and honestly feel as if there are no other options. It's just another way to rip off expectant mothers. I think some mothers may feel guilty for not buying new items for their first baby. I think some mothers just don't have any friends with babies to borrow things from - in other words, they have no other choice.

Just walk into any baby store, maternity clothing store/department, or look online at some of the baby "deals." You'll be just as appalled as I am. These stores are totally laden with cutsey, uber-expensive things that you think you have to have. I'm trying my best to say "no" to those who conspire against me, but it's a difficult battle to fight.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

25 Weeks

Here is a picture of me at 25 weeks that Jeremy took:

Unfortunately, I hit the 25 week mark four weeks ago! :) I'll have Jeremy take another picture next week when I hit 30 weeks.
As you can imagine by my lack of blogging, the 23-29 week mark has been a really stressful one for me in terms of school and pregnancy.

Here is my story of pregnancy stress: At around the 24-25 mark I started experiencing some heavy cramps and got checked out by the doctor. After being checked out, I started bleeding very heavily, so that really freaked me out. I went BACK to the doctor to learn that I had an inflamed cervix (I think it sounds worse than it actually is) and I was tested for placenta previa and placental abruption. Kathi graciously came and stayed with me during all of this - and I don't know what I would have done without her! Thankfully, I just had the inflamed cervix.

I was put on bed rest for a day. D'Anna had just gotten done with college, so she stayed with me at the in-law's to keep me occupied. We watched the entire BBC Pride and Prejudice, which I don't think I could ever coerce her to do again. :) Unfortunately, my day of bed rest went along with the day Jeremy and the soccer team competed for the Hall County championship - and they won by a penalty kick! I was really sad I had to miss that game.

Here is the story of school stress: it has honestly been the most stressful end of school ever. The kids were fabulous. The actual paperwork/teaching side of it was not so fun. The end of the year is usually a time when I can relax on teaching a little and focus on Honors Day and all of these little 8th grade events we have for our 8th graders. I think my pregnant brain contributed to my stress - I forgot EVERYTHING! - but it was a stressful end of the year, nonetheless. I was sad to see the kids go yesterday, but at the same time it was a relief to be almost done with school. I finished my grades yesterday with a sigh of contentedness. I can relax now and focus on Amelia and getting our house ready. (I'm no fool. My sister was 10 years younger than me, so I am old enough to remember a newborn being around my house. I know that I had better relax now before my little girl is born.)

I'll try to update more often (and I most likely will since summertime is around the corner) with belly pictures, and pregnancy updates. I'm starting to feel rather large, but that's a topic for the 30-week post. :)