Saturday, February 21, 2009

We are proud to present...

Amelia Elizabeth Farr!

Hopefully you can infer by reading this name that we are having a baby girl!

We chose to name our daughter Amelia because it was one of the only names that we could agree on. It's a pretty name, and it's an older name - so it will hopefully withstand the test of time. I have always wanted to name a daughter with an "A" name because I think they are feminine and beautiful (except for Agnes, maybe).
Jeremy chose Elizabeth and I agreed to it because of 1) the story of Elisabeth in the Bible 2) because my Aunt Sharon's middle name is Elizabeth, and I love her very much 3) My great-grandmother's name was Elizabeth and 4) I'm a fan of Elizabeth Bennet from "Pride and Prejudice." Elizabeth may seem like a "filler" middle name, but it really isn't.
We are super excited about this next chapter of our lives. I am having a daughter! I can't believe it! The truth still hasn't set in! I'm so excited to have a little girl. Jeremy is excited, too - albeit a bit shocked. He was just sure those Farr genes were going to give him a boy. :)

We went to our Fetal Fotos appointment today and found that our little Amelia is a stubborn booger. She sat on her bottom and kicked and moved her arms out, but she refused to get into "the" position! She's already stubborn like her grandmother (and you can guess which one I'm talking about here if you'd like - because it can be either one)! Amelia was modest, but she finally revealed her gender after about forty minutes of being poked and prodded.

Can I just add here that I am SORE? Amelia didn't mind being poked and prodded - but her mama DID!

I'm still in a bit of shock. I'm going to have a daughter.

I pray she grows up to be a woman of integrity, honor, and compassion. I pray that the light and love of the One who made her will abide in her heart. I pray that I won't be foolish enough to ever forget how special and absolutely precious she is. I love her already.

Stay tuned for more updates on our adorable daughter. I can't wait to meet her, and I know some of you can't wait, either!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

15 1/2 Weeks

So, I don't think I am going to do a weekly update for people (I mean, let's be honest here - my family isn't very internet savvy and my Aunt Linda is the only family member who reads my blogs), but I thought I could at least update my pregnancy "status" from time to time. Here's a picture of me at 15 1/2 weeks:

By the way, you are NOT going to see "belly" shots of me with my shirt pulled up. Sorry, folks. I'm a middle school teacher. It's just not gonna work out. Oh, and if you're wondering why I look so rough - well, just keep reading. I'm a sicky.

So far, I'm not showing too much. I look like I have a "food baby" (if you have watched the movie Juno, you will know what I'm talking about) but I can hide my pooch pretty well. I can still wear almost all of my regular clothes at this point, but I feel that the time will soon approach when I will need my trusty Bella Band, stretchy-topped blue jeans, and comfy maternity tops. I'm not gonna lie - I'm looking forward to that whole "you don't have to button your pants" deal. That sounds awesome. :)

My kids at school either don't really know yet, or they are not saying anything to me. Either way, I haven't told them. I have thought about denying the pregnancy until the end of school (mind you, I will be seven months pregnant at the end of school) just for kicks and giggles ("I'm not pregnant! What are you talking about!?!"), but I'm sure the truth will make itself known.

I worried that I would wake up one morning and just be huge. I feared that I would wake up and not be able to wear ANYTHING. After that thought I went to my sister-in-law's to borrow her maternity stuff (and being the amazing clotheshorse that she is, I racked up) and I bought some "causal wear" from Old Navy online. I feel much more comfortable about the situation now. I'm still waiting for that day when I will "pop."

So far, the 14-15 week mark has been pretty stressful. I am super sick and developed bronchitis, a sinus infection, and an ear infection. Sunday morning was the absolute worst. I woke up and looked like Chris Brown had unleashed his anger at me - I had red circles surrounding my eyes, and my whole body just felt beaten up and swollen. Luckily, I'm feeling better - I just hope I can get this nasty cough to go away! Say a prayer for my health (and for Baby's, of course) if you get a chance.

We find out Baby Farr's gender on Saturday! I can't wait! Stay tuned for lots of cute pictures and hopefully a video (if I am clever and adept enough to put one on here). :)