Tuesday, December 30, 2008

December Fool

Today the temperature will get to 61 degrees.

I swear I saw Daffodils popping up at Kathi's house yesterday.

I went and got a pedicure. Afterward, I wore flip flops and Chacos around to make sure my nails dried out. My feet never got cold. Yesterday was like a little gift from God. I think today will be just as wonderful.

Anyone that reads my blogs or knows me on the most basic level possible knows that I hate the cold. I like cold on Christmas. That's about it. I could live in Miami or Hawaii and not blink an eye. I want to cry for those people in Minnesota who get 402 inches of snow and still have to go to school. I am a summer girl and always will be.

Yesterday reminded me a little of the good stuff. Freedom. Open-toed shoes. Simple little dresses that don't need ironing and aren't constricting. Deep green landscapes and Georgia at its most beautiful.

Then, I remembered. I remembered that we are still in the month of December. January, the month of pure cold and blah, is just around the corner. Tomorrow, the high will be in the 40's.

This December heat wave fooled me once again. Why am I always falling for this stuff? Sigh.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Homeless and Changing

Jeremy and I are officially homeless.

We sold our condo a few months ago and closed on it almost two weeks ago.

We are living with the in-laws while we build across the street, and this makes for a very "Everybody Loves Raymond" experience.

There are so many things changing in our lives right now. We are excited about the future God has for us. We are incredibly blessed. We may not have a Christmas tree this year, or a house to celebrate Christmas in that is officially "ours," but God's provision has been so evident and it overwhelms us.